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How to Reduce Humidity Inside Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are highly durable, making them the most optimal solution to protect your goods. But when you’re shipping climate-sensitive cargo when humidity levels are high, you’re putting the products at risk for damages or spoiling.

When there’s too much moisture inside of a shipping container, the humidity level is unbalanced, which can lead to issues. 

Mildew and mold love damp environments, coating clothes, food, and walls. Getting rid of mold is difficult, and if you’re shipping food items they’ll have to be tossed out if affected. 

As well, humidity causes corrosion, which is bad news for shipping container walls, door hinges, handles, and the ceiling. It warps wood and plastic and deteriorates cardboard packaging.

So how can you reduce humidity inside your shipping containers?

Ventilation is key

The first step to reducing humidity is by ensuring that air can flow freely with proper ventilation. Generally, shipping containers already have an external bracket over the roof and holes drilled in strategic locations to help drain warm air out and let cool, dry air inside.

If your container doesn’t have these features, you can install vents. Make sure the container is not packed too tightly so the vents are not blocked.


Condensation occurs when the temperature is different between the walls and the air. Cut down on this by installing insulation to prevent moisture from forming on the walls in the first place.

Invest in a dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are devices that regulate humidity by drawing in warm air and removing the water droplets before releasing the dry, cool air back into the environment. Dehumidifiers come in all different sizes, and you can place a small unit in your container to balance the amount of moisture and protect your goods.


Desiccants are absorbent materials, such as calcium chloride crystals that absorb liquid from the air. You’ve probably seen those tiny packets found in the pockets of new clothes for this reason. 

You can purchase packets and place them along the walls, or hang a few from the ceiling. There are even desiccant blankets that can be thrown on top of packages to draw in humidity.

How to Reduce Humidity Inside Shipping Containers
Courtney L.
June 17, 2021

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