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How to Save the Most Money With Transloading Services

When you are relying on multiple modes of intermodal transportation, transloading services are essential as goods arrive at port and begin their journey inland, transitioning from seaport to truck and truck to rail, for example.

Transloading centers do the best that they can to maximize safety while minimizing damages, but when time is of the essence and handling is highly depended upon, there are many ways in which efficiency can be comprised, with one misstep leading to costs that could have been avoided.

How can you save the most money with transloading services? Here are our 3 biggest tips.

Focus on container details

Sometimes, details are overlooked that can easily shave off a few cents when it comes to shipping. Ship fully loaded containers to a single container freight station conveniently located near port instead of shipping multiple LTL containers. During the transloading process, make the most of space by palletizing cargo. This will streamline handling when cargo arrives at the distribution center.

Estimate handling time

Take into account the amount of time transloading may eat up based on the type of cargo, resources available and commitments made to the client. Unloading goods, handling and reloading takes time. Make sure you weigh the facts and allow enough time so that everything can be completed well without mistakes. If possible, increase handling flexibility by clearing customs at the port of discharge  instead of inland.

Utilize merge-in-transit capabilities

This is a great way to save money and space within a single shipping container by collaborating with other shippers to consolidate goods from different origins traveling to the same destination. This can be accomplished by transloading into domestic containers at the port of arrival. Make sure the containers used are not over-packed, because this can translate into higher costs. The number of cartons should fit the bill, as extra can offset savings.

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How to Save the Most Money With Transloading Services
Courtney L.
May 13, 2019

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