Truck driving in winter

How to Stay Warm in the Intermodal Industry

Winter is at its peak this month, but bone chilling temperatures aren’t enough to keep truck drivers off the road. The supply chain never stops when deliveries need to be made! How can you stay warm and energized when days get long, the air freezes and the road is calling? Here are our 3 best tips for truck drivers to stay toasty.

Frequent truck inspections

The harsh winter months can really put the wear and tear on your rig. That’s why it’s imperative to ensure your vehicle is maintained regularly for safety and reliability. Every morning before you take off, check tires, wiper blades, the engine, lights and fluids. You don’t want to end up in a situation where your truck is broken down on the side of a desolate highway with the snow piling up around you.

Amp up the heat

Nighttime is when you want to be heat savvy. When a day of driving is complete and you are getting ready to climb into bed, here’s how you can save on fuel while staying warm. Run the heater before bed while finishing off paperwork or relaxing. Once the cabin is toasty, go ahead and shut her off to save. Invest in a portable space heater and switch this on to keep the heat up while you’re sleeping.

Use a quality sleeping bag

When you’re dealing with freezing temperatures, an insulated sleeping bag can make all of the difference. Don’t go for something meant for kiddie sleepovers. Invest in a camping bag meant to withstand extreme elements. If you really want to turn your bed into a hot potato, add a 12V mattress pad to the mix. Keep hand and foot warmers nearby in case you need an extra kick for your extremities. These small tools don’t take up much space and can help when you’re hands are on the steering wheel for long periods..

How to Stay Warm in the Intermodal Industry
Courtney L.
February 18, 2019

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