Hurricane Safety Tips for Your Supply Chain

Natural disasters can really wreak havoc on your supply chain. It’s officially hurricane season, and that means gearing up your business for the potential dangers that can arise.

From flooding and strong winds that devastate roads and delay shipping, how can you keep a handle on your supply chain?

Apt preparedness is key, but when it comes to logistics, there are vital steps you need to take that should never be cast to the side. Rule No.1: Never think that it can’t happen to you. Here’s our advice!

Know your geography

The East Coast is on the lookout for hurricanes more so than other regions of the country, especially in Florida and Texas where they border the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Take a good look at your supply chain and the facilities you utilize. Warehouses, roadways and ports should be on your radar, as these facilities can be greatly affected, depending on location. Once you pinpoint these key areas along your supply chain, you can draft up an emergency action plan in case a hurricane is churning in the Atlantic.

Set a plan in motion

Once you’ve identified high-risk areas, set to work on an emergency plan that involves all of your providers in these areas. Establish back-up warehouses, production facilities and routes that are out of the line of the storm, where work can be shifted to temporarily if needed. Line up suppliers that can provide equipment and transportation in case primary suppliers are put out in the aftermath of a storm.

Stock up

During a hurricane, supplies run low and gas stations can become a nightmare with long lines and no available petrol. Make sure your facilities and fleet are well stocked with emergency supplies and equipment before the storm hits. This can include anything from water to gas, medical kits, generators and storm shutters.

Hurricane Safety Tips for Your Supply Chain
Courtney L.
September 13, 2018

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