Intermodal Drayage Trends For 2018

New year, new beginnings! The logistics industry is always growing, and with the advent of 2018 comes some exciting new trends to watch out for. Take a look at some of the most talked about trends thus far…

Is E-Commerce changing the shipping game?

Same day delivery, next day will trucking keep up? It’s no secret that the rise of e-commerce has tightened, changed the way a supply chain defines “efficiency.” With consumers consuming easily from their smartphones and tablets, and manufacturers competing to meet the demand of an online shoppers add-to-cart-click-buy-get-it-now mentality, it’s now a question of how trucking will evolve to accommodate faster transit times, pick-up and delivery.

Say hello to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

The ELD was mandated this year with the goal of safer roads in accordance with HOS compliance. Drivers are to provide the maximum 50 hours of service a week, followed by two days off, which may or may not affect the number of loads carriers are able to haul in the future. December brings roadside and port of entry inspections, and ELD warnings will be issued, with all carriers required to comply to ELD regulations by April 2018. According to FMCSA, “An ELD synchronizes with a vehicle engine to automatically record driving time, for easier, more accurate hours of service (HOS) recording.” For more information, click here.

The rise of technology

Are robots coming? Will self-driven vehicles and energy efficient electric vehicles be the norm on America’s highways? Time will only tell, but there’s no question that concepts such as automated driving has already been introduced recently. When it comes to the significance of rapidly developing technology in the logistics industry, 2018 could be the year where we see the emergence of technological advancements that can help streamline the supply chain and make it easier to deliver on time. Electric vehicles are on the horizon, bringing the possibilities of more environmentally friendly business practices and lower costs, but it’s still a ways off. Data storage and analytics is becoming increasingly important, and sensor and tracking innovation, such as the BlackBerry Radar, are becoming more and more popular to meet the burgeoning consumer demands for faster shipping.

Intermodal Drayage Trends For 2018
Courtney L.
January 9, 2018

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