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Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Holiday Rush? Put Safety First With These Tips

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we live in 2020, and logistics workers have faithfully stuck by on the frontlines, putting their health and safety at risk to keep life as normal as possible for everyone. 

But, who takes care of them?

The supply chain consists of several working links, and all of the links need to support each other for the chain to stay strong. 

Now that holiday shopping is set to kick off with Black Friday on Nov. 27 and Cyber Monday on Nov. 30, it’s crucial to take care of your logistics team, especially in the warehouse. 

From operating forklifts to organization, the uptick in orders can get overwhelming...but positivity and teamwork prevails when the going gets tough.

In this post we’ll share our top tips for warehouse safety during the mad holiday rush to give your team the support they need for success.

Go over the warehouse layout

Your team will quickly get stressed out if they have to run around trying to find the popular Christmas products of the year. 

Now’s the time to sit down with your staff and tweak your warehouse layout to accommodate the holiday rush. 

Make note of popular products and create a space for them that is easily accessible. As well, you’ll want to ensure aisles are clear and marked with tape for enhanced safety.

Inspect your equipment

The holidays are not the time to discover that you have a forklift shortage. 

Talk with your forklift operators about equipment that needs to be fixed or replaced, and get everything serviced and certified for safety. 

Hold a quick training refresher for your operators, so they feel safe and confident to take on the holiday demand.

Temporary employees are a must

When it comes to warehouse efficiency, every set of hands helps streamline the process. 

Employ temporary workers well before the season begins, so you can train them accordingly. 

This ensures quality work is done and expectations are met, all while taking the pressure off your full time team.

Communication is key

It’s amazing what attentiveness and appreciation can do for a team. Show your warehouse employees that you are paying attention to them and their wellbeing-especially during these uncertain times. 

Start holding regular training sessions leading up to the holidays that include updated safety procedures

Stock up on personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees and discuss emergency action plans. 

Last, but not least- don’t forget the moral support! A smile, acknowledgement or a simple “Good job” goes a long way.

Is Your Warehouse Ready for the Holiday Rush? Put Safety First With These Tips
Courtney L.
November 24, 2020

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