Our Top Tips to Find Secure Truck Parking

Truck parking is one of the biggest issues truck drivers face in today’s industry. There just isn’t enough of it! 

Day time parking is one thing, but many drivers need to find a place to park overnight while making deliveries, and if proper planning isn’t put into it, they can be left stranded with no more availability. 

In this blog post we share our top tips for finding the best truck parking, so you never have to stress about where to sleep. Let’s dive in!

You Might Need to Call it a Day Early On

Once you’ve got your routes down pat, it’s a good idea to do some research on the regions you’ll be driving through. Some areas have more parking facilities than others, so you can call ahead and ask questions regarding what you’re best options are.

If you’re overnight stop falls somewhere remote, it’s best to consider ending the day early to guarantee a spot for your truck. That’s because spots will fill up quickly!

Some drivers prefer to drive at night and sleep during the day. This makes it easier to find parking availability, since most drivers will be hitting the road in the moring, leaving plenty of open spots open during the day.

Call Ahead

Another proactive solution is to call ahead and inquire about reserving a spot at a truck parking lot. This also takes a bit of research to know where the lots are located, which can be accomplished through trucker apps. Not every facility will be down to keep a spot open, but it’s always worth a shot.

Don’t Leave Out Rest Areas

Rest areas are great because they are conveniently located right off highways with their own spacious on/off ramps. They’re also free!

However, free does come with a price…because everyone wants to park here. You’ll have to pull off early to ensure you get a spot. Don’t forget that you’ll also be competing with family vehicles and motorhomes.

Our Top Tips to Find Secure Truck Parking
Courtney L.
March 20, 2023

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