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The 101 on Bulk Cargo Shipping

The logistics industry is vast, with various methods, equipment, vehicles, and packaging to ship anything you can think of. 

In this post, we focus on bulk cargo. What is it and how is it transported? Learn everything you need to know right here. Let’s dive in!

What is Bulk Cargo Shipping?

Bulk cargo refers to items that aren’t packaged and are instead shipped in a loose format. This includes free flowing dry and wet substances, such as grains, coal, sand, or liquids. 

Instead of being loaded, bulk cargo must either be poured or dropped into/onto the mode of transport, whether it’s a tanker truck, railcar, or ship.

What is Break Bulk Cargo Shipping?

Break bulk cargo shipping is another term associated with the logistics of free flowing items, except this type of shipment is packaged, but not loaded into a container. 

Bagged cement, airplane/machinery parts, and drummed fuel are all examples of items that utilize break bulk cargo shipping.

What Does a Bulk Trucking Job Entail?

Truck drivers have an important responsibility to deliver all types of loads safely and in a timely manner. Bulk trucking is no different, and drivers must be adept at handling large quantities of items that are not packaged. 

Depending on the specialization of the item being transported, certain skills or certifications may be required. For example, shipping flammable substances such as gasoline is considered HAZMAT and the driver needs to be certified to ship it.

Dry bulk tanker trucks are a common vehicle used to hold these free flowing items. The tanks are enclosed cylinders set upon a row of hoppers. 

Since the tank is enclosed, there is an opening at the top and on the bottom for filling the tank and releasing it. Special hoses are fed into these openings to easily load and unload the bulk cargo.

The 101 on Bulk Cargo Shipping
Courtney L.
April 14, 2022

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