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The 101 on Special Certifications For Truckers

Every truck driver starts their career with a good ol’ Commercial driver’s license (CDL). With this basic certification, you can hop in the captain’s seat of your big rig and make a substantial difference in the world of drayage by shipping America’s goods over the road.

But, a career as a trucker doesn’t stop at a CDL certification. One of the best things about working in the logistics industry is that there is always different transportation needs, plenty of work and room to grow. 

There are a handful of special trucking endorsements that can help diversify your work, open the door to new opportunities and potentially increase how much money you make. We are going to cover the most popular certifications in this post. Read on!

Tanker Certification

One job that is in high demand across North America is the need for tanker drivers. Driving a tanker is special, because you need to know how to safely transport liquids. This includes properly sealing the tank and driving sometimes potentially dangerous fuels. But, with this certification, you’ll be able to open yourself up to more jobs.


We’ve all heard about HAZMAT at one time or another. This certification allows you to transport hazardous materials, in gas, liquid or solid forms. The good news is, this type of driver is also in high demand. I mean, who else keeps our oil and other fuels in transit? The salary for HAZMAT driving is robust, to say the least. The obvious risk is that it is dangerous. Not only do you need to be an impeccable driver, but the nature of the contents you haul need to be handled with precision.


Here is a special certification that enhances your ability by allowing you to pull two or three trailers at once, instead of the usual single trailer set up. This diversifies your job range, but is also great because you learn how to handle larger loads, enhancing your skill set.

The 101 on Special Certifications For Truckers
Courtney L.
September 24, 2019

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