A reefer hauls produce through the snow

The Awesome Benefits of Being a Refrigerated Truck Driver

With the demand for all sorts of refrigerated goods at an all-time high post-2020 pandemic lockdowns, becoming a reefer driver is a great way to boost your truck driving career while helping deliver essential items such as medicine, food, drinks, and more. 

This line of work also offers several benefits for truck drivers! We discuss them in this post. Let’s dive in!

What is Refrigerated or Climate Control Trucking?

This type of trucking involves hauling temperature-sensitive freight in special climate-controlled trailers called reefers. 

These goods must stay at a specific temperature to remain in fresh, pristine condition without being affected by outside elements or long hours on the road.

3 Benefits of Driving a Refrigerated Truck

1. Refrigerated Jobs = Longer Hauls

Statistics for some trucking companies show that reefer truck drivers typically average 700-800 miles per haul, which is longer than dry van hauls that average around 450

This is advantageous for drivers, meaning that they can make the most of their available driving hours.

2. A Steady Demand Guarantees Work

The demand for refrigerated products is on the rise and there’s no indication that it’ll be slowing down anytime soon. 

For refrigerated truck drivers that means steady work year-round, unlike dry goods that experience highs and lows. 

Demand for frozen or refrigerated goods also stays constant due to many of these products being made in the US. This keeps the demand domestic and less affected by overseas markets.

It also ensures a constant supply of work that gives refrigerated drivers more peace of mind regarding where to find the next haul.

3. Refrigerated Truck Drivers Can Haul Dry Vans

One more big perk of driving reefers is that you’re not just secluded to refrigerated loads, you can also haul dry vans. 

This opens up more load flexibility since drivers can go back and forth between refrigerated goods and dry goods seamlessly. Reefers also generally have the same payloads as dry.

The Awesome Benefits of Being a Refrigerated Truck Driver
Courtney L.
October 27, 2021

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