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The Benefits of a Shared Truckload

Indeed, this year has been a challenging one for most, with truck drivers on the frontline of the pandemic and the logistics industry as a whole turning to innovation to budget and save on resources.

One smart way to save is by collaborating with other shippers on a STL (shared truckload). The benefits far outweigh the risks, giving shippers the opportunity to streamline supply chains for fast, efficient and cost effective service.

What is a shared truckload?

This innovative way to move freight gives shippers more power in deciding how to get from point A to point B. Especially popular for LTL, different shipments following essentially the same route will be loaded onto a single vehicle for direct delivery.

Is a shared truckload a good fit for me?

All in all, by sharing trailer space anyone can benefit from cost savings and less waste. But, this type of shipping works best for LTL shipments. To be more specific, loads that measure around 48 linear feet (from 1 to 24 pallets), can be loaded together onto a reefer to fill it to capacity.

The magic of a shared truckload

Let’s move on to the benefits of a shared truckload. Everyone partakes in the goods, even the planet! 

  • Save up to 20% with a single trailer: When a single load isn’t big enough to fill an entire trailer, it’s obviously a waste of space-and money. By sharing the trailer, not only is it dispatched at full capacity, but you’re splitting the costs with other shippers.

  • Reliable & safe: Shared truckloads don’t stop at hubs or terminals. Once, dispatched the truck will head directly to the delivery point. Loads don’t leave the trailer, reducing the risk of damages, lost items and theft.

  • Faster delivery: Since the truckload is shared and there are no mandatory stops along the way, the risk of delays is reduced for faster transit.

  • Carriers can maximize profits: When carriers partner with a STL freight broker, they benefit from being paid by multiple shippers, which is higher than being paid by one, for a single load that doesn’t fill a trailer. It can also help fledgling carriers build business, since they garner experience by shipping many different loads at once.

  • It’s better for the environment: The US transportation industry is the biggest producer of carbon emissions in the country. Finding ways to cut down is becoming a priority for businesses, and STL is the way to go for reducing waste and emissions by 40%. How? Sharing trailer space puts an end to wasted trips and cuts out the LTL hub, which is a massive energy guzzler.

 The Benefits of a Shared Truckload
Courtney L.
September 27, 2020

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