Santa Claus driving a truck

The Best 2020 Christmas Gifts for Truck Drivers

This year has been one wild ride for us all, but through the ups and downs our nation’s truck drivers have kept the US supply chain going strong. 

Despite the risks posed by COVID, they make sure that stores are stocked with all of the supplies we need to live comfortably, and now they are working tirelessly to ensure we get our Christmas gifts delivered on time. 

So, what can you give that truck driver in your life this holiday season? We’ve got a list and you bet we’ve checked it twice! This holiday season, America’s truck drivers are not naughty or nice- they are our heroes!

1. Memory foam seat cushion

Long hours on the road can lead to a stiff rear end, but thankfully this ultra-soft memory foam seat cushion makes it feel like you’re sinking into a cloud.

Give the gift of luxurious comfort this Christmas!

2. Custom truck driver themed Christmas tree ornament

There’s something special about unwrapping a beautifully crafted Christmas ornament. And, it’s a keepsake that you’ll want to hold onto for years. 

Let the driver in your life know that you’re always thinking about them with this dainty silver spoon that has been refurbished into a tree ornament. It’s stamped with, “Bring him home for Christmas”. Check it out here.

3. Instant pot

If you haven’t heard the hype surrounding instant pots yet, it’s about time you hopped on the bandwagon- especially if you need a gift for a trucker! 

These cookers are so easy to use. Just toss in the ingredients and turn it on. In a few hours, you’ve got a home-cooked meal. 

Truck drivers can cut down on eating out and enjoy healthy meals on the road. Plus, you can’t beat the delicious aroma! Check it out here

4. Emergency roadside kit

You know this gift will get used and maybe even save a life one day. 

Every truck driver should have an emergency kit in their vehicle. This kit sold on Amazon includes 112 pieces to ensure your truck driver is always prepared. 

5. Audiobook subscription

We all know that driving for long periods of time can become quite mundane. Thank goodness for audiobooks! 

Now, your  truck driver can enjoy their favorite authors safely when you present them with an audiobook subscription for Christmas. There are plenty to choose from, such as and Scribd.

6. Quick dry towels

This is a nice gift for a Secret Santa or it makes a great stocking stuffer. These microfiber towels are easy to store, don’t take up much space and dry exceptionally fast without any lingering odors. Perfect for efficiency on the road!

7. Travel urinal

Now before you giggle, just think about it! How many times have you been on a road trip and had to go...really, really bad! 

You watch desperately for the next exit, but you’re in the middle of nowhere. Then, you’re (unsafely) shuffling around, looking for a plastic bottle to find much needed relief. 

Now, what if you had an emergency urinal that fits right in the cab of a truck? Your truck driver will thank you for this one!

8. Dash Cam

Ramp up the safety with a thoughtful gift that can come in handy in case of a roadside emergency. 

A dashcam can be extremely helpful to capture incidents, such as accidents or theft, especially for someone who spends a lot of time on the road.  

The Best 2020 Christmas Gifts for Truck Drivers
Courtney L.
December 18, 2020

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