Tips for Shipping Consumer Packaged Goods as LTL

What are consumer packaged goods (CPG)? These are the packaged commodities we use every day. In fact, it’s the largest category of freight being shipped across the country.

These items include food, medicine, beverages and typically products that tend to have a shorter shelf-life than most other freight.

With that being said, when CPG freight is on the move, shippers need to ensure that the supply chain is smooth, with no room for delays. Otherwise, things can get expensive.

Every delivery is different, and some CPG loads are smaller in size than others. If that’s the case, is LTL an acceptable way to ship? 

The short answer is “yes” it is, but you have to be savvy about it. We give you tips in this blog post!

Package Smart

When you take the time to ensure your CPG freight is packaged the right way, you can save on unnecessary fees.

Condense as much as possible, maximizing space. However, be careful not to overpack boxes, as overweight packages can lead to discrepancies that incur overage fees.

It’s also important to take the nature of your freight into consideration, especially if you’re shipping perishables. You might need refrigeration supplies, such as dry ice. Or, bubble wrap, if you’re shipping fragile items. Never leave out pallets, which are efficient for LTL and securing many items at once.

To save time, check ahead with distribution centers on packaging requirements, and make sure labels are applied correctly.

Choosing the Best Storage

You might need to store your CPG freight, which can be tricky, depending on the type. Dry goods or items with a longer shelf life are generally less complicated to store. You have less pressure with time and can even fit many items onto a pallet for backroom grocery storage.

Perishables are the complicated ones. They typically utilize dry ice and gel coolants to stay fresh during transit, which needs to last since LTL requires stops at terminals. Storage centers and terminals need to have the proper refrigeration equipment on hand to hold perishables, so it’s important to call ahead and inquire.

Keep in mind that dry ice is considered a hazardous material, which might mean a different freight classification. Make sure to double check!

Tips for Shipping Consumer Packaged Goods as LTL
Courtney L.
March 30, 2023

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