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Understanding the Basics of Hazmat Shipping

Is it your first time transporting hazardous (Hazmat) materials? No need to sweat, but there are a few pointers to keep in mind before the shipping commences.

What is considered hazardous?

According to NOAA, HAZMAT is an abbreviation for “hazardous materials” that may pose a threat to health, property, or the environment. This can include toxic chemicals, fuels, nuclear waste products, and biological, chemical, and radiological agents released as liquids, solids, gases, or a combination or form of all three, as well as dust, fumes, gas, vapor, mist, and smoke.

What do you need to know first?

Get yourself educated on the rules, regulations and classifications of Hazmat, and follow the rules and regulations carefully. You should have a Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) handy to help classify the contents of your shipment and also understand the classifying process outlined by the US Department of Transportation so you can fill out the necessary paperwork accurately.

Take care when packaging

No matter what you’re shipping, packaging is important, but even more so with Hazmat materials. That’s why it’s imperative to know your load, the classification and other particular specifics to properly package using the right materials and safety procedures for cushioning, security and to prevent leaks and breaks. Not sure what to use? US1 Network can offer sound advice on packaging, especially with Hazmat loads.

Choose a Hazmat certified driver

When you entrust someone to take your Hazmat load OTR, it’s a responsibility that cannot be reckoned with. That’s why it’s a smart idea to go with a Hazmat certified driver. Truck drivers with this distinction have studied and trained meticulously on the subject of Hazmat shipping, and understand the intricity in which certain materials should be handled and transported. If you need help finding responsible and professional owner operators, US1 Network can help! Contact us today for intermodal drayage services.

Understanding the Basics of Hazmat Shipping
Courtney L.
May 30, 2017

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