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Using Social Media to Advance the Supply Chain

These days, social media isn’t just about posting a friendly happy birthday on a friend’s profile or liking another cute puppy picture. Lo and behold, social media is being used in various ways to completely revolutionize how businesses are run and how communication is leveraged.

Now, you might be wondering how social media ties in with the logistics industry and how it can boost the supply chain. Actually, you might be surprised to learn how many suppliers, customers and competitors are on board. The disadvantage would be if you were the only one not yet on the social boat yourself!

How can social media be used to motivate and promote success on the supply chain?

It lets you get personal

Social media is a fantastic way to get to know customers and partners by revealing the face of your business. You get to interact in a unique way that builds relationships and shows not only a professional side, but a more personable side.

Communication just got easier

It’s always good to have options that allow fast and efficient communication across the supply chain. When the phone or email just isn’t enough, social media allows you to be proactive and make important announcements to a broad audience of relevant followers. For example, you can quickly alert customers when a shipment is delayed.

Improve research & visibility

Use social media to network, buy taking advantage of search tools to scope out vendors and potential partners. Networking just got a whole lot easier, as you can narrow your searches for exactly what you want, whether it’s equipment, capacity or geography.

Gain the upper hand

Social media allows your supply chain to stay competitive. As the market fluctuates, the ripples are noticed mainly through changing trends via online feeds. You get to move outside the box to keep tabs on the demands of customers, logistics professionals and suppliers.

Using Social Media to Advance the Supply Chain
Courtney L.
March 22, 2019

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