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What is Blocking and Bracing for Intermodal Drayage?

Intermodal drayage is an efficient way to move freight by utilizing the advantages of multiple modes of transportation. 

However, the freight is handled quite a bit, which increases the risk of damages. Sliding and bumping around in the trailer doesn’t help either. 

That’s why blocking and bracing services are crucial. But what does this entail?

Blocking and Bracing Services

Blocking and bracing is a logistics service meant to protect goods from obtaining damages during transit, especially when being transported over the road in a truck. 

There are various loading methods and packaging materials utilized to ensure plenty of cushioning and proper organization. 

  • Blocking: This prevents the freight from moving from side to side and front to back.
  • Bracing: This prevents freight from moving up and down.

We’ll explore what methods and materials are used for this in the next section.

Best Blocking and Bracing Methods and Materials

Blocking and bracing mobilizes freight so it doesn’t move around too much inside a trailer during the delivery. Here are some of the most popular methods to achieve this.

  • End gates
  • Bull boards
  • Air bags
  • Ty-Gard
  • Honeycomb filler
  • E-Track Gate
  • Stretch wrap
  • 2x4 with 16d Nails

The Rules of Blocking and Bracing

The first and arguably most important part of blocking and bracing is formulating a sound  loading plan. This takes time and careful planning. Here are a few requirements to keep in mind when developing your own plan.

Newton’s First Law: Remember, if an object is resting then it stays at rest. However, if it is in motion then it stays in motion unless an outside force interferes. Never think that a heavy object won’t move and doesn’t need to be blocked and braced. This could be dangerous!

Knowing how much blocking & bracing is needed: The general rule of thumb is, the heavier the object the more blocking and bracing methods should be implemented.

What is Blocking and Bracing for Intermodal Drayage?
Courtney L.
May 16, 2022

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