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Which Long Haul Truck is Best for Me?

Intermodal drayage takes your shipment to the road, and that means choosing the right method of transportation that is cost effective and timely with the resources to keep goods in pristine condition. Long haul trucks come in many different sizes that can haul off a massive load, such as a mobile home, or offer temperature controlled settings to keep a shipment of chicken fillets from spoiling. You need to know which carrier is right for you, with the three most common types being flatbed trucks, refrigerated/temperature controlled trucks and regional/LTL vans.

Flatbed Trucks

You’ll recognize this type of long haul truck by a long, flat bed without the walls and ceiling that create an enclosed body. Flatbed trucks are perfect for heavy haul and shipping large items with an unusual size and shape too cumbersome to fit inside a closed body truck. Easy to load and unload make transporting heavy shipments a bit easier with a flatbed.

Do you need a  flatbed truck?

Regional Van & LTL (less than truckload)

Cargo comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes that doesn’t mean you need large flatbed or reefer truck. Regional vans and other LTL carriers are a cost effective solution to get your smaller freight packed fast and shipped easily without the wasted space and complicated loading and unloading.

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Refrigerated and temperature controlled

When a temperature sensitive shipment containing food or pharmaceuticals hits the road on a cross country journey, it’s safe to say that the truck transporting that precious cargo is going to pass through some changing climates and weather conditions. When a specific temperature is required for the wellbeing of goods, then a refrigerated or temperature controlled truck is the best option.

Do you need a refrigerated/temperature controlled truck?

US1 Network has  the right long haul vehicle for you!

US1 Network has the equipment and expertise to help you get your shipment to its destination, safe and sound. Our large fleet of trucks and vans make it easy to find exactly what you need for your unique shipment. Contact us today with questions about our services.

Which Long Haul Truck is Best for Me?
Courtney L.
August 24, 2016
August 24, 2016

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